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” Be Athletes For Good And Peace,” Pope Tells German Soccer Players

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” Be Athletes For Good And Peace,” Pope Tells German Soccer Players

” Be athletes for good and peace,  Pope tells German Soccer Players of “Borussia Manchengladbach”, a town in the eastern part of the country.

Pope Francis continued his practice of meeting with well-known soccer teams to encourage them to be a positive influence in society. The August 2, 2017 visit was with the managers and players of the German team.

“Be athletes for good and for peace. I entrust you, your families, and all your loved ones to the Lord. May He ever accompany you with His blessing”: the Pope credited the team with its many athletic and educational initiatives, noting it “distinguishes itself by being a team at the human level” a team which promotes the family”.

Pope Francis makes no secret of his interest in soccer, including his favorite team, San Lorenzo of his native Argentina.  He has welcomed San Lorenzo to the Vatican, as well as other teams from around the world, including Italian teams Juventus and Roma, and the national teams from Argentina, Germany and Italy.


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