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“€œDon”€™t Abandon the Poor and the Refugees,”€Says Pope

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“€œDon”€™t Abandon the Poor and the Refugees,”€Says Pope

“€œDon”€™t abandon them,”€ appeals Pope Francis in his prayer intention on video for the month of February 2017, dedicated to “€œthose who are afflicted, especially the poor, the refugees and the marginalized.”€

In the video made public on February 2, the Pope said “€œwe live in towns that build towers, commercial centers, engage in real estate business, but leave a part of themselves on the margin, on the peripheries.”€

“€œAs a consequence of this situation, great masses of the population see themselves excluded and marginalized: without work, without prospects, without a way out,”€ he noted, exhorting to “€œnot abandon them.”€

The Pope”€™s words are illustrated with a street scene using the technique of the “€œmannequin challenge,”€ where the protagonists adopt immobile pauses around a homeless youth whom they then surround and help to his feet. “€œPray with me for all persons experiencing trials, in particular those who are poor, refugees or marginalized, so that they find hospitality and comfort in our communities,”€ adds the Pope.

The Pontiff”€™s prayer intentions are diffused through the Pope”€™s Global Prayer Network “€œPray at the Heart of the World.”€ This year, the Holy Father gave only one monthly prayer intention in advance, and he will decide on a second “€œurgent”€ intention each month.

Translation by Virginia M. Forrester


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