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” Europe Has An Irreplaceable Responsibility,” Says Cardinal Parolin

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” Europe Has An Irreplaceable Responsibility,”  Says Cardinal Parolin

” Europe has an irreplaceable responsibility. And when one shows oneself indifferent, as in the case of immigration, one gives up a possible good,”  affirmed the Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, in an interview with the Italian Catholic magazine ” Il Regno” [The Kingdom].

Cardinal Parolin puts one on guard against the risk of thinking of Europe ” in national terms” : ” it is better to remain in the common European home, perhaps, than each one on its own.” Nationalism ” has its roots in the cultural and religious crisis of Europe and ends by emptying Europe of its values and its reasons.,” he added.

The Cardinal welcomed the vision of former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who died on June 16, 2017, and who ” had the historic merit of believing in the European ideal as a concrete political ideal . . . Not a Germanized Europe, but a Europeanized Germany.”


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