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“€œI Appeal For Peace And Disarmament,”€ Writes Pope Francis

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“€œI Appeal For Peace And Disarmament,”€ Writes Pope Francis

“€œI appeal for peace and disarmament,”€ wrote Pope Francis in a Tweet posted on September 21, 2017, on his Twitter account @Pontifex.

“€œI appeal for peace and disarmament: in this world wounded by violence, we need fraternity among peoples,”€ wrote the Holy Father in nine languages to more than 30 million subscribers.

On January 1, 2017 (50th anniversary of the Catholic Church”€™s World Day of Peace), the Pontiff published a message on the theme: “€œNon-Violence: Style of a Politics for Peace.”€

The UN”€™s International Day of Peace, scheduled for September 21 every year, had as its theme in 2017 : “€œTogether for Peace: Respect, Dignity and Security for All.”€

This theme was chosen to promote the United Nations global initiative “€œTogether,”€ which works to ensure security, dignity and respect for refugees and migrants.

This International Day aims to bring to light the organizations and citizens engaged in favour of those that flee their country in search of peace and security.


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