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Cardinal Dziwisz: John Paul II Would Have Been Very Happy With This WYD

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Cardinal Dziwisz: John Paul II Would Have Been Very Happy With This WYD


Did Krakow”€™s World Youth Day go well? “€œBut of course!”€ Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz has no doubts about the successful outcome of the global event that, from July 26-31 brought almost two million young people from all over the world to John Paul II”€™s land.

In fact, thinking of Pope Wojtyla, whom he served for more than 20 years as private secretary, the Archbishop of Krakow confided to ZENIT: “€œJohn Paul II would certainly have been pleased with this WYD,”€ which some have also described as the “€œWYD of two Popes,”€ given the strong recall of the Polish Pontiff.

“€œThe most beautiful pastoral initiative of Saint John Paul II was in fact the World Youth Day,”€ said Cardinal Dziwisz. “€œYoung people of every country spend these days pilgrimaging in the faith, preaching and listening to the Gospel and enjoying themselves together.”€

“€œAn event like the WYD is a fantastic type of pastoral <care> for the young people of the world. And, at the same time, it is also a sort of New Evangelization that young people carry out for all the others,”€ he explained. “€œThey give a sign; they gave a sign in these days at Krakow and, as the Holy Father Francis said, they are an example to the Church and to the world,”€ he added.

In particular, the Cardinal said he was struck by the “€œmultitude of people”€ that took part in the different events with the Pope, adding that he was “€œenchanted by the attention with which the young people listened to the Holy Father”€™s words. It”€™s not taken for granted …”€

Then prayer: “€œthe young people never tired of praying, as seen in the Adoration,”€ he said.

Positive also, according to the Cardinal, was “€œthe organization and security”€ guaranteed by Poland, despite the fact that there were difficulties in transport and some controls of the police were somewhat excessive. All together, “€œWhat to say? It went truly well,”€ affirmed Cardinal Dziwisz, who with this 31st World Youth Day saw a dream of his and of the Holy Polish Pope realized.

“€œLet”€™s hope it continues forever,”€ is his wish. And we hope that “€œfor Poland such an event will be able to generate fruits such as deepening of faith, of spirituality and of union in face of the temptation to be divided, which always exists. Instead, the WYD showed the beauty of being united.”€

[From our envoy to Krakow]


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