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Cruelty against the innocent

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Cruelty against the innocent

A new appeal for the Iraqi people who have been victims of the “€œbrutal acts of violence”€ being
committed “€œagainst innocent civilians, be they Muslims, be they Christians, be
they members of other ethnicities and religions”€, was launched by the Pope at
the Angelus in Saint Peter”€™s Square on Sunday, 23 October. “€œI was distressed”€,
he said, in reference to the situation in Mosul, “€œby the news of the numerous
sons of that beloved land, among them even many children, killed in cold blood.
This cruelty, he emphasized, “€œmakes us weep, leaving us speechless”€. The
Pontiff assured his solidarity and prayers that the people of Iraq, who are “€œso
harshly afflicted, may be strong and steadfast in the hope to be able to go
toward a future of security, reconciliation and peace”€.

Before reciting the Marian prayer, and inspired by World Mission Sunday, which was being celebrated on Sunday, Francis recalled that “€œtoday is a time of mission and is a time of
courage”€, inviting everyone to “€œbring the message of salvation to the entire
human family”€.


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