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Do not give in to violence

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Do not give in to violence

At this dramatic time in Nicaragua, we must not give in to provocations, but rather, work for dialogue and peace. This was the focus
of a message by Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes,
Archbishop of Managua, during a Mass celebrated in Jinotepe, a city whose
parish was completely destroyed by the paramilitary forces who have been
supporting the government since 9 July.
During the Mass, Cardinal Brenes spoke of the “€œdisrespectful acts committed days ago by government supporters”€ and asked the faithful “€œnot to give in to provocation, and not to
respond to evil”€. Hate and violence “€œcan only be overcome by the love that Christ gives us”€.

Bishop Carlos Enrique Herrera Gutiérrez of Jinotega diocese, explained that the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua had sent a letter
to President Daniel Ortega. In this letter, they asked the president whether he wished the bishops to continue to act as mediators in the dialogue between the government and protestors. “€œIt was decided to send a letter to Ortega in order to clarify and understand whether or not he really wants us to continue in our role as mediators and witnesses”€, said the bishop. He explained that the bishops “€œwill decide what position to take in the dialogue once they receive the President”€™s reply”€. Just a few days ago, Ortega attacked the bishops
directly, calling them “€œcoup plotters”€. Furthermore, he rejected requests for
early elections and denied any responsibility for the violence.


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