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Euthanasia: She Wanted To Die Met The Pope And Changed Her Mind

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Euthanasia: She Wanted To Die Met The Pope And Changed Her Mind

“€œShe wanted to die; she met the Pope and changed her mind,”€ reported BFMTV.

Consuelo Cordoba was determined to put an end to her life. Disfigured, after her ex-husband attacked her with acid 16 years ago, she underwent surgery a hundred times, reported the French chain on September 12, 2017.

However, she stood firm, but a brain ailment led her, at 56, to wish to die, “€œto put an end to suffering.”€ She chose euthanasia, scheduled for September 29, 2017.

However, she wanted to receive the Pope”€™s blessing, to “€œbe able to rest in peace.”€

She was able to contact the Pope during his visit (September 6-10, 2017): “€œAnd then he saw me and made a sign to me, like this,”€ she said, her left arm stretched forward.

The video shows her answering the Pope with a gesture of the arm and going forward. “€œAnd there, I said to myself: “€˜Thank you God, because he is coming for me,”€™”€ she said.

The Pope took her in his arms and blessed her, putting his right hand on her head: “€œPope Francis blessed Consuelo and convince her to continue to live,”€ explained the same source.

“€œThere won”€™t be euthanasia,”€ affirmed Consuelo in front of the television cameras. It was difficult for her to speak, her head covered with a hood, her left eye bandaged, but her right eye bright with a new hope. She bears the name of Our Lady of Consolation, celebrated on September 4.

“€œA privileged moment, during which Francis gave back to her faith in life,”€ concluded BFM.

During his trip, the Pope invited the Bishops to let themselves be “€œsmacked”€ by the suffering of others, and he lamented once again violence against women, acknowledging their “€œsocial power”€ in Latin America.

Denouncing “€œmachismo”€ on September 8, he gave the example of a man: “€œToday, in this world, where psychological, verbal and physical violence toward woman is patent, Joseph appears as the figure of a respectful, delicate man who, without even having complete information, opted for Mary”€™s reputation, dignity and life.”€

From Bogota he said on September 7: “€œChildren, young people, adults and elderly persons, who want to be bearers of hope, may difficulties not oppress you, may violence not depress you, may evil not overcome you.”€

And again, on September 10: “€œTo the culture of death <and> of violence, let us answer with the culture of life.”€  


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