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FEATURE: Children’s Rosary Bears Fruit

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FEATURE: Children’s Rosary Bears Fruit

Children”€™s Rosary now reaches six continents and includes more than 27 countries. The goal of the Children”€™s Rosary is to support the prayer lives of children through prayer groups that meet in churches, schools and orphanages. Groups meet monthly, weekly or in some places daily to pray the Rosary.

The international prayer groups had been inspired by one meeting almost seven years ago, when a church pastor called out for help when concerned for the future of his parish because of a declining collection. He asked for help. A mother heard his call and in prayer, felt drawn to ask permission from the pastor to bring children together to pray for the Church.

With permission granted, on April 10, 2011, a group of young children gathered to pray the Rosary. The collection that weekend would be the highest for the remainder of the year second only to Easter and Christmas, beautifully showing the power of the children’s prayers.

There are many fruits of these children growing in regular prayer of the Rosary.

Reports have come from Kenya of conflicts resolving in outposts of Parishes where Children”€™s Rosary groups exist. Involvement of families at Churches has increased.

In homes, we see more prayer time. The children have also begun evangelizing through their prayers –inviting others from around the world to unify prayers with them when they pray in their meetings. They do this through a View from Heaven map on their website:

When children are meeting in their prayer group, a blue twinkling light flashes illuminating the map. There is a button inviting visitors to the site to unify prayers with the children and click the “€œjoin in prayer”€ button to add their gold twinkling light to the map. So it seems that a call from one church might be emblematic of a call from the Church Universal. An unlikely group many might not have thought to ask for help has answered: the children.

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In the article above, there is a mention of the children inviting others to join them in prayer. Children’s Rosary has made this video to provide a visual to help people imagine how we are connected in a tapestry of prayer and how this may appear to God and Our Blessed Mother:

Spanish version. Asher, age 10, narrates:


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