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Fr Lombardi Recalls His 10 Years Serving the Press Office

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Fr Lombardi Recalls His 10 Years Serving the Press Office


“€œThe most beautiful aspect”€ of Pope Francis”€™ Pontificate “€œare all his discourses on mercy, the love of God, the reception of others and forgiveness, which are easily understood by others,”€ said Father Federico Lombardi, SJ.

He recalled his 10-year service and experience as Director of the Holy See Press Office, in words reported by the American agency Rome Reports on Monday, July 17, 2017.

Father Lombardi mentioned Pope Francis”€™ “€œspontaneity.”€ “€œI had to quickly learn to understand this aspect of Pope Francis, his preference for improvisation, which expresses spontaneity and is able to establish a direct dialogue between him and the public,”€ he explained.

“€œNow, with the possibilities of Twitter and also the diffusion of images and messages by electronic post, one can obtain updated information in real time. It is an absolutely normal and absolutely necessary evolution for those that live in the world of information,”€ he added.

Father Lombardi described Pope Benedict”€™s renunciation as the most striking event of his career. “€œI would say that Pope Benedict”€™s renunciation was the most perturbing event . . . it was the most historically innovating of which I had to speak, because this had not happened in centuries and it was not a normal thing.”€


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