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General Audience: “Trust In The Fulfilment of God”€™s Promises

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General Audience: “Trust In The Fulfilment of God”€™s Promises

“Trust in the fulfilment of God”€™s promises said Pope Francis to the youth during the Wednesday General Audience in St. Peter”€™s Square on September 20, 2017.

Catechesis in English

Dear Brothers and Sisters: In our continuing catechesis on Christian hope, I would now like to reflect on how we teach the virtue of hope. So I will speak directly, person to person, especially to our young people, with a few words of guidance and encouragement.

First and foremost, wherever the Lord has planted you, stand firm in hope; never lose heart! Trust in God”€™s fatherly care, the love of Jesus and the power of the Spirit to transform and renew all things.

Never yield to the negativity that tears things and people down, but keep building, trying to make this world conform ever more fully to God”€™s plan.

Keep your eyes open to the beauty all around you, keep the lamp of faith burning in your heart, and trust in the fulfilment of God”€™s promises.

Use your Godgiven gifts of mind and heart to help our human family to grow in freedom, justice and dignity.

Jesus has won the victory and he asks us to follow his example by bringing his love and mercy to a world wounded by sin, hatred and division.

Be faithful to your ideals, get up whenever you fall, and never despair.

In a word: live, love and believe!

And with God”€™s grace, be beacons of hope to all around you.

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