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Hillary Clinton Praises Pope Francis and Jesuits at Al Smith Dinner

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Hillary Clinton Praises Pope Francis and Jesuits at Al Smith Dinner

The Alfred. E. Smith Foundation Dinner is an institution in New York. The annual white-tie event is a fundraiser to help children in need and every four years invites the two remaining Presidential candidates to roast each other. In jest. This year being unlike any other Presidential race in history as was widely feared the jibes, by Donald Trump were  at times cutting and inappropriate. Yet, amidst the banter, and as a mark of her Diplomatic skills, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rose to the occasion and took the opportunity to praise both Pope Francis and the Jesuits. Here is a transcript of Clinton’s remarks about the Holy Father as she concluded her speech:

I believe how we treat others is the highest expression of faith and of service. I’m not Catholic. I’m a Methodist, but one of the things that we share is the belief that in order to achieve salvation we need both faith and good works. And you certainly don’t need to be Catholic to be inspired by the humility and heart of the Holy Father, Pope Francis. Or to embrace his message.

His message about rejecting a mindset of hostility, his calls to reduce inequality, his warnings about climate change, his appeal that we build bridges, not walls.

Now as you may know, my running mate, Tim, is Catholic and went to Jesuit schools, and one of the things he and I have talked about is this idea from the Jesuits of the Magis, the more, the better. But we need to get better at finding ways to disagree on matters of policy while agreeing on questions of decency and civility. How we talk to each other, treat each other, respect each other.

So I’ve taken this concept of Magis to heart in this campaign, as best as one can in the daily heat, the back and forth of a presidential campaign, to ask how we can do more for each other, and better for each other. Because I believe that for each of us, our greatest monument on this earth won’t be what we build, but the lives we touch.

And that is ultimately what this dinner is all about. And it’s why it’s been such a great honor to join you all again. Thank you.


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