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Immigrants disembark even in Australia

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Immigrants disembark even in Australia

For the first time in four years, an immigrant ship managed to reach the Australian coast,
which, until now, has been able to completely eliminate such arrivals, commanding the navy to drive back these vessels and force asylum seekers to retreat to refugee camps in Papua New Guinea and on the island of Nauru.

Operation Sovereign Borders, implemented in recent years by the Australian government,
has witnessed its first breach. Refugees disembarked in the Port Douglas area,
in Queensland. Following the shipwreck of the fishing boat they were traveling on, its occupants scattered in a crocodile-infested mangrove forest.

According to Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, Australia has received “€œthe first people-smuggling venture in over 1,400 days”€. “€œWe will work through the agencies to make sure that we can repatriate these people back
to their country of origin once we understand all of the facts in relation to the matter”€. Australian agents and military have communicated neither the nationality of the immigrants nor the number of persons who were on board at the moment that the boat arrived on the northeast part of the island. According to local news sources, there were a few dozen refugees who managed to eliminate all traces of themselves. They are
Vietnamese and are hiding in the thick vegetation in an area inhabited byncolonies of salt-water crocodiles, in the Daintree rainforest. Others who werenon the boat were arrested by the police.


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