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International Film Festival & Competition Dedicated to Saint Vincent de Paul

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International Film Festival & Competition Dedicated to Saint Vincent de Paul

“€œFinding Vince 400″€ is the final initiative of the Vincentian Jubilee Year that celebrates the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Vincentian Charism. Globalizing charity, one of the recurring themes of the Jubilee, will be expressed through the medium of cinema. This insight gave rise to the idea of organizing an International Film Festival where the main protagonist is the figure of Saint Vincent de Paul and his love for those living in poverty. The coordinator of the event, which will take place at Castel Gandolfo from 18 to 21 October 2018, will be US actor Clarence Gilyard, known to the general public for having played in the television series, Walker, Texas Ranger, among others, and in many successful films including Top Gun.

The goal of the Festival is to stimulate creativity on the theme of the globalization of charity. “€œFinding Vince 400“€ is an invitation to develop stories and spread the message of globalized charity through the art of modern storytelling. The contest, open to all, is divided into three sections and envisages that the entries in the competition be submitted by 28 May 2018.

The first section entitled “€œSeeds of Hope”€ is aimed at the “€œunder 18″€: the contestants of this section are invited to use any creative expression (story, poetry, image, sculpture, music, etc.) that inspires direct service to the poor. The artists selected by the jury will be invited to the festival and awarded a trip to Castel Gandolfo.

The second section is dedicated to screenwriters: five will win a trip to Rome and a grant to produce their screenplay for a short film. These short films will be premiered at Castel Gandolfo.

The third section will see short films or films in competition on the theme “€œFinding Vince 400.”€ The jury will select films that inspire direct service to the poor and change our vision of poverty. These films will be premiered at Castel Gandolfo during the Festival.

The only condition necessary, which unites all three sections, is the theme: service to those in poverty.

The program of the festival, in addition to the awards to the winners, will include performances and the participation of actors as judges of the competition. There will be lectures, group work, screening of short films and feature films, music and entertainment, and it will be an opportunity to meet directors and screenwriters from all over the world.

For more details about how to attend FV400 at: #findingvince, #fv400. Find out how to submit at The deadline for participation is 28 May 2018


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