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Middle East: “€œDon”€™t Surrender To The Night”€

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Middle East: “€œDon”€™t Surrender To The  Night”€

VATICAN CITY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 ( “€œDon”€™t surrender to the night,”€ Pope Francis urged Christians of the Middle East.

During the General Audience of September 20, 2017, over which he presided in St. Peter”€™s Square, the Pontiff greeted Arabic-speaking pilgrims, “€œin particular, those from the Middle East.”€

“€œDear brothers and sisters, don”€™t surrender to the night. Work for peace in the midst of men and respect everyone”€™s way, because each one has his story to tell,”€ he said to them.

“€œMay the Lord bless you!”€ he concluded.

In his catechesis on education to hope, the Holy Father said “€œhave always the courage of truth, but remember, you aren”€™t superior to anyone. Even if you remained the last to believe in truth, don”€™t shun the company of men because of this . . . bear in your heart the suffering of every creature.”€


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