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Noble goals are worth the trouble

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Noble goals 
 are worth the trouble

Its not a profession but a mission, not a
job but a vocation: on Friday morning, 6 May, the day on which the Vatican
commemorates 147 Swiss soldiers who laid down their lives in defense of the
Pope during the sack of Rome in 1527, Cardinal Pietro Parolin celebrated a
memorial mass at the Chair of the
Cathedral in St Peters Basilica, addressing his homily especially to the 23
new guards who later that afternoon were sworn into service.

The Cardinal encouraged them “not to be satisfied with the mediocre and
fleeting things in life and to commit themselves “with the enthusiasm of youth
to greater things, the the truth, to the
Lord who is the source and foundation of everything.

The ceremony was preceeded, on Thursday
evening 5 May, with a concert by Glarner Jugen Blasorchester, a musical
group comprised of artists between the
ages of 16 and 25, from the Canton of Glarona.
After that, guests participated in the Vigil “to dry tears which was presided by Pope
Francis in St Peters Basilica. The inclusion of this solemn moment of prayer
into the program of celebations for the Pontifical Guard confirms what Cardinal
Parolin said in his homily: “In carrying out your invaluable service, your abilities and skills are not the only
things that count, though important. The underlying foundation, the base, is
your faith in the presence and in the help of the Lord, indeed, the Cardinal
continued, “only with Christ will your service lead to growth and bear fruit,
otherwise it will be a lifeless function, without growth and without future.


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