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Pope at audience on Earth Day: common action needed to protect “our garden-home”

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Pope at audience on Earth Day: common action needed to protect “our garden-home”

Holding his weekly general audience on the 50th Earth Day on Wednesday, Pope Francis called for common action and ecological conversion that lead to a deeper love for our common home and our brothers and sisters, especially the most vulnerable.

By Robin Gomes

Celebrating the 50th Earth Day on Tuesday, Pope Francis pointed out that the tragic coronavirus pandemic has taught us that we can overcome global challenges only by showing solidarity with one another and embracing the most vulnerable in our midst.

Biblical origins

The Pope, who dedicated his 2015 enclyclical, “Laudato Si”, to the care of the created world, noted that we are fashioned from the earth and that the fruit of the earth sustains our life.  As the book of Genesis reminds us, we are not simply “earthly”; we also bear within us the ‘breath of life’ that comes from God.  Thus, he said, we live in this common home as one human family in biodiversity with God’s other creatures.

As the ‘image of God’, the Pope said, we are called to care for and respect all creatures, and to offer love and compassion to our brothers and sisters, especially the most vulnerable among us, in imitation of God’s love for us, manifested in his Son Jesus.


However, because of our selfishness, we have failed in our responsibility to be guardians and stewards of the earth. We have polluted and despoiled it, endangering our very lives.  In this regard, the Pope expressed appreciation for the various international and local movements who are appealing to our consciences.  Our children, he said, have taken to the streets to teach us that “we have no future if we destroy the very environment that sustains us


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