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Pope at Casa Santa Marta: Jesus Chose “€œMost Sinful of the Apostles”€

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Pope at Casa Santa Marta: Jesus Chose “€œMost Sinful of the Apostles”€

Jesus chose the “€œmost sinful of the Apostles”€ to build His Church, stressed Pope Francis during the morning Mass of June 2, 2017, at Casa Santa Marta in the Vatican. He recommended living like Peter, not with “€œthe head held high”€ but “€œwith humility, with love.”€

In his homily, reported by Vatican Radio in Italian, the Holy Father commented on today”€™s Gospel (John 21:15-19), where Jesus asks Peter three times if he loves Him: “€œJesus chose the most sinful of the Apostles, the others fled, he denied Him, and Jesus asked him “€œdo you love Me more than these?”€

That Jesus chose “€œthe most sinful”€ to “€œfeed the People of God, makes one think,”€ he continued. “€œNot to feed with the head held high, as a great dominator, no: to feed with humility, with love . . . is the mission that Jesus gives Peter, yes, with his sins, with his errors.”€

Vehement in his denial, Peter was “€œable to weep bitterly,”€ the Pope also noted. “€œAnd then, after spending his whole life at the Lord”€™s service, he ended as the Lord: on the cross. But he didn”€™t boast: “€˜I ended as my Lord!”€™ No, he asked: “€˜Please, put me on the cross with my head down, so that it is seen at least that I”€™m not the Lord, I am the servant.”€™”€

Meditating on “€œthis very beautiful, very serene, very friendly, very modest dialogue . . . may the Lord always give us the grace to go in life with our head down: our head held high because of the dignity God gives us, but our head down, knowing that we are sinners and that Jesus is the one Lord, we are servants,”€ concluded Pope Francis.


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