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Pope Encourages Argentina Campaign for Poor

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Pope Encourages Argentina Campaign for Poor

Pope Francis has voiced his support for the “€œM¡s por Menos”€ [More for Less] collection and campaign taking place in Argentina from September 10 to 11.

Vatican Radio reported that in a message sent through the Secretary of State, the Holy Father encouraged the participants to “€œmake great personal and communal efforts to reach out to the multitude of needy brothers and sisters who feel excluded from society, and to bring to the them the closeness and love of God.”€

Pope Francis invited those involved to “€œbe sensitive to the cry of anguish”€ from so many people who have been “€œmarginalized and discarded,”€ and to help them.

“€œMay Christ, the true merciful face of the Father, give them the experience of the joy of sharing their time, their treasure, and their lives with those whom God loves with a preferential love, the poor and homeless,”€ concluded the message.


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