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Pope Francis To Feature in New Netflix Documentary

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Pope Francis To Feature in New Netflix Documentary

ROME — Pope Francis will be featured in a new Netflix documentary series focused on sharing the voices of senior citizens around the world, which is set for release in 2021.

Based on the 2018 book Sharing the Wisdom of Time, in which the pontiff responded to stories from 31 seniors, the series will include new on-camera interviews with Francis offering his thoughts on aging and other themes.

Loyola Press, which published the original volume, announced the news Dec. 16 in a release to NCR. It said the film would center on the stories of the seniors included in the book, “told through the eyes of the younger generation, talented young filmmakers under the age of 30 residing in the elder’s country.”

“We were so thrilled to publish the book Sharing the Wisdom of Time to support Pope Francis’s efforts in ensuring that elders are seen and heard, especially by young people,” Joellyn Cicciarelli, president and publisher at Loyola Press, told NCR.

“This docuseries takes our mission one step further — meeting young people where they are, through media — and inviting them to find their own ways to connect with and learn from elders in their own families and neighborhoods,” said Cicciarelli.

Loyola Press said Francis, who turns 84 this week, will be “heavily featured” in the documentary, and will reflect on the stories shared by the seniors “as well as provide his own commentary on themes such as love, struggle, work and dreams.”

Francis has been the subject of several documentary projects since his election as pontiff in March 2013. The pope was most recently featured in Russian filmmaker Evgeny Afineevsky’s project “Francesco,” which caused controversy by the way it edited together previously recorded clips of earlier comments by Francis about same-sex civil unions.


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