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Pope Francis Warns Of Media’s Four Sins

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Pope Francis Warns Of Media’s Four Sins

Francis pointed to the media’s role in the polarization of American society, noting that news outlets often “throw gas on the fire.” He called on Catholic news outlets to promote unity and “get people to talk to each other, reason together and seek the path of fraternity.”

The news media is plagued by four sins, the pope told CNS reporters: disinformation, calumny, defamation and “coprophilia,” by which he apparently meant love of scandal. “Don’t fall into these sins,” which contribute to concealment of truth, ruined lives and deepening divisions, the pope said.

The pope met with reporters at Domus Santa Marta, where he lives, instead of the usual audience hall at the Vatican due to his chronic sciatica. He said his doctor has advised him to move less and not stand as much.

Sciatica or not, the pope is set on making his planned March 5-8 apostolic visit to Iraq, his first opportunity to travel since the onslaught of the pandemic. Despite terrorist attempts and risks to his safety, it’s important that Iraqis “see that the pope is there in their country,” he said.

“I am the pastor of people who are suffering,” Pope Francis said, adding that he will take a commercial flight to get to Iraq if necessary.He recently received the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and is expected to receive the second before the Iraq trip.

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