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Pope of Modernity

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Pope of Modernity

Twenty thousand faithful gathered in Saint Peter”€™s Square for the Sunday Angelus on 5 August,joined Pope Francis”€™ in honouring Paul VI, “€œthe great Pope of modernity”€, with
a big round of applause on the eve of the 40th anniversary of his death. Remembering him with much “€œveneration and gratitude”€, the Pontiff prayed that, as “€œwe wait for his canonization on 14 October”€, he may “€œintercede from the heavens, for the Church which he loved so much and for peace in the world”€.
Pope Francis repeated his affection for Paul VI the following morning, the
feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, with a visit to his tomb in the Vatican grottos.

Before reciting the Marian prayer, Francis had commented on the day”€™s Gospel, according to John (Jn6:24-36). Over the last few weeks, the liturgy has presented us with the image
of Jesus “€œreaching out to the crowd and its needs”€, Pope Francis said. Instead,
“€œin today”€™s Gospel passage, the perspective changes. The crowd that had been
fed by Jesus begins to seek him again”€. However, this is not enough for Jesus.
“€œHe wishes that the search for him and the encounter with him go beyond the
immediate satisfaction of material needs”€. Christ came “€œto open up our lives to
a wider horizon than the daily concerns of nourishing, dressing ourselves,
[having a] career and so on”€, he explained. And in doing so, the Pontiff
concluded, the Lord reminds us “€œnot to forget that if it is necessary to worry
about bread, it is even more important to nurture our relationship with him”€,
the “€˜bread of life”€™”€.


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