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Pope Reminds What ‘True Faith’ Can Do, That ‘Nothing Is Impossible With God’

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Pope Reminds What ‘True Faith’ Can Do, That ‘Nothing Is Impossible With God’

Pope Francis has reminded faithful what ‘true faith’ has the power to do and that nothing is impossible for God.

The Holy Father did so during the Mass he celebrated for Egyptian Catholics–who make up less than 1% of the population–in the “€œAir Defense Stadium”€ in Cairo this morning, April 29, 2017. Pope Francis’ April 28-29 visit to Cairo marks his 18th Apostolic Visit abroad and 27th country visited.

Recalling that today”€™s Gospel of the third Sunday of Easter speaks of the journey to Emmaus of the two disciples who set out from Jerusalem, the Jesuit Pope said it can be summed up in three words: death, resurrection and life.

Buried Hope, Transformation

On ‘death,’ Francis stressed that the disciples’ journey was one of return, as they leave behind the painful experience of Jesus”€™ crucifixion. The crisis of the Cross seems to have buried any hope they had, for the One on whom they had built their lives is dead.

“How often do we paralyze ourselves by refusing to transcend our own ideas of God, a god created in the image and likeness of man! How often do we despair by refusing to believe that God”€™s omnipotence is not one of power and authority, but rather of love, forgiveness and life!

Turning to ‘life,’ the Pope noted how the encounter with the Risen Jesus “transformed the lives of those two disciples because meeting the Risen One transforms every life, and makes fruitful what is barren (cf. Benedict XVI, General Audience, 11 April 2007).

Faith in the Resurrection, the Pope said, is not a product of the Church, but the Church herself is born of faith in the Resurrection.

Impossible for Men, But Possible for God

Francis highlighted: “In the gloom of their darkest night, at the moment of their greatest despair, Jesus approaches the two disciples and walks at their side, to make them see that He is ‘the Way, and the Truth and the Life.

Jesus, Pope Francis recalled, turns their despair into life, “for when human hope vanishes, divine hope begins to shine in its place.

“€œWhat is impossible with men, is possible with God, Francis reminded. “When we reach the depths of failure and helplessness, when we rid ourselves of the illusion that we are the best, sufficient unto ourselves and the centre of our world, then God reaches out to us to turn our night into dawn, our affliction into joy, our death into resurrection.

Jesus, the Holy Father explained, turns our steps back to Jerusalem, back to life and to the victory of the Cross.

Power of True Faith

Pope Francis spoke of all the powers of ‘true faith,’ also pointing out that it “makes us more charitable, more merciful, more honest and more humane and “moves our hearts to love everyone without counting the cost.

“God is pleased only by a faith that is proclaimed by our lives, for the only fanaticism believers can have is that of charity! Any other fanaticism does not come from God and is not pleasing to him!

Return to Daily Lives With Joy, Without Fear

Like the disciples of Emmaus, the Pope told the faithful present to return to their own Jerusalem, that is, to their daily lives, families, work and country, filled with joy, courage, and faith.

“Do not be afraid to open your hearts to the light of the Risen Lord, and let him transform your uncertainty into a positive force for yourselves and for others.

Pope Francis concluded, praying that Mary and the Holy Family “enlighten our hearts and bless you and this beloved country of Egypt.


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