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Pope’s Morning Homily: Each Time We Feel Something Drawing Us to Christ, It Is the Spirit

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Pope’s Morning Homily: Each Time We Feel Something Drawing Us to Christ, It Is the Spirit

Pope Francis today spoke of the role of the Holy Spirit in leading people to Christ.

As reported by Vatican Radio, during his homily this morning at Casa Santa Marta, he reflected on the reading from Acts, which tells us how the Spirit led Lydia to recognize the truth in Paul’s preaching.

“This woman felt something inside her which made her say ‘this is true! And I agree with what this man says, this man who gives witness to Jesus Christ,’ said the Pope.

“But who touched the heart of this woman?  Who told her: ‘Listen because it is the truth?’ asked the Pope.

“It was the Holy Spirit who made this woman feel that Jesus was the Lord; it made her know that salvation was in Paul’s words; it made this woman hear witness.  The Spirit gives witness to Jesus.  And each time we feel something in our heart that draws us closer to Jesus, it’s the Spirit who is working inside us.

Referring as well to the Gospel’s reference to two testimonies, (he will testify to me. And you also testify), the Pope spoke about the invitation to stay strong despite persecution.

From “the little persecutions of gossip, criticisms, to the greater kind of persecution of which “the history of the Church is full:  that place Christians in prison or make them even give up their lives.

“The Christian,  with the strength of the Spirit, said the Pope, “gives witness to the living Lord, to the Risen Lord, to the Lord’s presence in our midst, that the Lord celebrates with us His death, His Resurrection, each time we come to the altar.  The Christian too gives witness, aided by the Spirit, in his daily life, through the way in which he acts. It is the continuous witness of the Christian.  But many times this witness provokes attacks, provokes persecution.

“The Holy Spirit which introduced us to Jesus, continued Pope Francis, “is the same one who urges us to make Him known to others, not so much through words, but through living witness.

“It is good to ask the Holy Spirit to come into our heart, to give witness to Jesus; tell Him: Lord, may I not stray from Jesus.  Teach me what Jesus taught.  Help me remember what Jesus said and did and also, help me to give witness to these things. So that worldliness, the easy things, the things that really come from the father of lies, from the prince of this world, sin, do not lead me away from giving witness.

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