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Santa Marta: A Question on Judging from the Holy Father

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Santa Marta: A Question on Judging from the Holy Father

When you are sitting in a meeting or at a meal, how much time do you spend judging others?

Pope Francis posed this question during his February 26, 2018, homily at Mass at Casa Santa Marta in the Vatican.  It was his first morning mass at Santa Marta since returning from spiritual exercises February 23, from Casa “€˜Gesù Divin Maestro”€™ (the Divine Master House) in the town of Ariccia near Rome.

“€œDo not judge and you will not be judged.”€ Pope Francis repeated Jesus”€™ invitation from the Gospel of Luke (6:36-38), reported Vatican News. He went on to remind the congregation that no one will escape God”€™s judgment “€“ and all will be judged “€œboth personally and universally.”€

He recommended an examination of conscience to determine how much time is spent judging others. And he reminded those present that “€œJudging others is terrible because the Lord is the only judge.”€


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