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Santa Marta: Lead a Fruitful Life

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Santa Marta: Lead a Fruitful Life

Pope Francis urged Christians to live a “€œfruitful life”€ during his December 19, 2017, homily at Mass at Santa Marta, according to Vatican News.

In his homily, he recalled how in the days before Christ”€™s birth, it was considered a blessing for a woman to be able to bear children.  And if a woman could not have children it was thought to be a great shame.

He noted the irony as recounted in the December 19 readings of two men born of women who had been thought to be barren: Samson and John the Baptist. Both men would play an important role in history.

God”€™s first commandment to man was “€œFill the earth, be fruitful!”€ the Pope said. “€œWhere there is God there is fruitfulness”€.

The Holy Father continued by noting that some countries have “€œchosen the path of sterility and suffer from that serious disease that it a demographic winter (“€¦) they do not have children”€.  He suggested such nations may seek economic benefits but that “€œFruitfulness, he said, is always a blessing of God.”€

Pope Francis noted that there are those who choose not to bear children “€“ religious and consecrated, for example “€“ but they must continue to be fruitful by giving to others.

“€œWoe to us if we are not fruitful with good works,”€ Francis said. “€œHe who lives for himself produces selfishness, pride, vanity, greasing the soul without living for others. The devil is the one who grows the weeds of egoism and stops us from being fruitful.”€

The Pope concluded by suggesting to those present that they look at the empty cradle waiting for the arrival of Christ: “€œCome, Lord, fill the cradle, fill my heart and help me to give life, to be fruitful”€.


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