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Social Charity

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Social Charity

After the launch last November of the new website www.obolodisanpietro.va, the
longstanding charitable Office will now be on social networks Twitter and
Instagram. A press release by the Secretariat of State explained that the aim of the social network accounts, which have been active since 1 March, is to go out to those who want to help the most needy and to make them aware of the charitable works being
carried out through the solidarity of the faithful across the world, including men and women religious, lay faithful, societies, institutions and foundations, together with the offices closely assisting the Holy Father in the exercise of his mission. The use of social media, therefore, seeks to create a direct, accurate and transparent communication with Catholics
throughout the world and with all people who want to help those most in need.

Peter”s Pence can be found on Twitter in Italian, English and Spanish, whereas there is one Instagram account. The messages of Pope Francis found on the Peter”s Pence website are being published daily on Twitter and Instagram, together with photos, reflections and furtherinformation on the charitable works of the Holy See carried out through this historic initiative of Christian charity. As was tweeted in one of the inaugural tweets: “Mercy is about moving together, it is about meeting the needs of the needy”. It is in this spirit that Peter”s Pence has committeditself to sustain small and large projects throughout the world, such as the creation of a pediatric hospital in Bangui in the Central African Republic, the collection taken up to alleviate the suffering of the Ukrainian people and support for the first Catholic University on Jordanian soil. An initiative of the Holy See and the result of close collaboration between the Secretariat of State, the Secretariat for Communication and the Governorate
of Vatican City, the three Twitteraccounts ” “Obolo di San Pietro: @obolus_it”; “Obolo de San Pedro: @obolus_es”; “Peter”s Pence:@obolus_en” ” and the Instagram account “Obolus: obolus_va” can now be followed by Catholics throughout the world who are inspired by a common path of mercy: #movingMercy.


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