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St. Thomas Becket Relics Found in Italy

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St. Thomas Becket Relics Found in Italy

Officials in the small Italian town of Mottola have found relics of the community”€™s patron saint, St. Thomas Becket, Vatican News reported December 29, 2017.

“€œTogether with the Bishop of Castellaneta, Claudio Maniago, we have searched the sanctuaries that could contain the relics of Saint Thomas,”€ said Father Sario Chiarelli, the rector of the Cathedral in Mottola. “€œThe last contact was with a church of Verona that bears his name, but nothing came of it. Then, the surprise: two relics were here in Mottola, hidden in as many holy stones [altar stones]. In short, we had been searching for what we already had.”€

The two relics were discovered during restoration work in the Mottola”€™s Cathedral, “€œMother Church of Holy Mary of the Assumption.”€ One was previously identified but had been lost. The second, a fragment of bone, was a new discovery. Both relics were placed in a new altar during the re-consecration of the chapel.

Thomas Becket served as Chancellor of England and later, Archbishop of Canterbury. He was murdered in 1170 by agents of Henry II after a long dispute between the future saint and the king over Church vs. state authority.


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