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The Pope in Marseille, but not in France

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The Pope in Marseille, but not in France

Pope Francis has told reporters that he will visit Marseille but not other parts of France.

“Even if I’m going to Marseille, I’m not going to France.” A few weeks ahead of his visit to the southern French port city on September 22 and 23 for the Mediterranean Meetings, Pope Francis reiterates that he does not consider this trip to be a visit to France. “I’m not going to any major European country until I’ve finished with the little ones,” he insists, ruling out the possibility of a trip to Spain.

In Marseilles, the program issued by the Holy Seenevertheless provides for Pope Francis to be welcomed by French President Emmanuel Macron on his arrival. The following day, he will also hold private talks with the head of state.

In addition, the Pope will celebrate a Mass in the Velodrome stadium, where Catholics from all over France will be present.


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