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‘The Trend of Virgin Mary Superstar Is Not Catholic,”€ Affirms Pope Francis

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‘The Trend of Virgin Mary Superstar Is Not Catholic,”€ Affirms Pope Francis

Pope Francis supports the “€œMarian theme”€ of the next World Youth Day in 2019 at Panama. However, he specifies that it is about the “€œtrue Virgin Mary”€, of “€œher who is Mother and  gives birth to Jesus in our hearts.”€

This specification of the Pope was made during an exchange in the Vatican with 140 Superiors General of masculine Religious Congregations on November 25, 2016, in the framework of the 88th General Assembly of the Union of Superiors General (USG) at Rome. Up to now the exchange remained private; L”€™Osservatore Romano published it in its Italian edition on February 10, 2017.

“€œThe true Virgin Mary,”€ not “€œthe Virgin of a post office that every day sends a different letter, saying: “€œMy children, you do this and then, tomorrow, you do something else.”€ No, not that, insists Pope Francis.

“€œThis fashion of the Virgin Mary superstar, as a protagonist that puts herself at the center, isn”€™t Catholic,”€ he stated.

The countries of Latin America proposed the “€œMarian theme”€ for the next WYD Day. “€œThey asked for this: a strong Marian presence,”€ said the Pope. “€œIt”€™s true that Latin America is very Marian,”€ he continued, “€œand for me this seems to be a good thing. I have no other suggestions, and I am very happy.”€


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