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UN Launches New Initiative For Peace In Syria

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UN Launches New Initiative For Peace In Syria

A new political initiative to end the war in Syria and initiate the
political and social reconstruction of the country. This is the objective of UN Special Envoy, Staffan de Mistura, in view of the inter Syrian dialogue in Geneva, while the US and Russia continue to discuss the conditions of a prolonged cease-fire. The Security Council will hold a high-level meeting on 21 September to take stock of the conflict and discuss prospects in order to end the fighting, which began six years ago.

“€œThe dialogue currently underway between the US and Russia is at a very high level and extends beyond the 48-hour pause that the UN asks for Aleppo”€ Staffan de Mistura said yesterday at a press conference in Geneva. “€œWe are preparing an important political
initiative”€, the diplomat added, stressing the necessity of building a new political identity for Syria. The project, “€œin our opinion, will help to look the Syrian problems in the eye”€. The details should “€œarrive the week before the opening of the work of the General Assembly”€, scheduled for 13 September. The goal, de Mistura pointed out, is “€œto indicate a political initiative that is sufficiently clear during the week preceding the General Assembly”€. Last Friday, after several hours of discussions, American Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that they have
reached a “€œclarification”€ on a new truce in Syria, but have not reached an agreement, for which “€œcertain fundamental elements”€ are still lacking. For this reason, military and diplomatic experts met in
Geneva on Wednesday, 31 August. Meanwhile, Turkish forces continue their operations in the north of Syria. Ankara declared in a statement that, nine days after the operation began, Turkish forces employed intense artillery fire and destroyed 262 targets linked to the so-called Islamic State. Two important jihadist leaders were also captured.


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