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The World’s Smallest Army Movie At UN

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The World’s Smallest Army Movie At UN

The Permanent Observer Mission of the  Holy See at the UN in conjunction with the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museum, and Solares Federazione delle Arti were the proud sponsors of the UN screening of the World’s Smallest Army -L’esercito piu del mondo. This 80 minute film by Gianfranco Pannone transports the audience inside the Vatican, and into the lives of the men who serve in the Pontifical Swiss Guard. Shot with unprecedented access, Pannone’s camera’s document a year in the life of two new recruits as they take up service together in the eternal city.

The film follows Leo and Rene as they say goodbye to their families in Switzerland, and travel to Rome, and  begin their assignment of guarding the Holy Father.

The event held on October 18th also featured a stunning exhibit of photograph’s of the Swiss Guard recently on display at the Vatican Museums.

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