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Towards the Jubilee of the Sick

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Towards the Jubilee of the Sick

The multidrug therapy has cured sixteen million lepers, but still each year
two hundred thousand new cases are reported worldwide, mostly in India,
Indonesia and Brazil, but also in ten other African and Asian countries. 

Church is strongly committed to the care of the sick and the support of those
who are healed. Leprosy is accompanied by a severe and unjustifiable social
stigma that destroys the future of those affected, often condemning them to
marginalization. To address this situation, the international symposium
entitled “€œTowards Holistic Care for People with
Hansen”€™s Disease, Respectful of Their Dignity”€ will be held in Rome from 9 to 10 June at the Patristic Institute

Presented at the
Holy See Press Office on Tuesday, 7 June, the symposium was organized by the
Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers together with “€œThe Good Samaritan
Foundation”€ and the “€œNippon Foundation”€, in cooperation with the “€œFoundation
Raoul Follereau”€, the “€œSasakawa Memorial Health Faoundation”€ and the Sovereign
Military Order of Malta (SMOM). At the conclusion of the symposium,
participants will take part in the activities of the Jubilee for the Sick and
Persons with Disabilities, which is scheduled to take place with Pope Francis
this weekend.


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