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True Freedom And New Forms Of Slavery

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True Freedom And New Forms Of Slavery

For the sake of a “€œfalse freedom”€ man today remains a prisoner of “€œnew forms of slavery”€ and rejects the gift of redemption that comes from God. Pope Francis said this during his catechesis at the Jubilee Audience on Saturday, 10 September, in St
Peters Square.

Commenting on the First Letter of Peter (1:18-21), the Pope pointed out that the salvation wrought by Christ “€œindicates the most radical liberation that God could fulfil for us, for all of humanity and for all of creation”€. However, he noted, “€œit
seems that man today no longer likes to think he has been freed and saved
through God”€™s intervention; he deludes himself that his freedom is a force for
obtaining everything”€.

“€œHow many illusions are sold on the pretext of freedom, and how many new forms of slavery are created in our time in the name of a false freedom”€, Pope Francis exclaimed, noting especially the harm caused by drugs: “€œWe have all seen people like this who end up on the ground”€. Indeed, “€œwe need God to free us from every form of indifference, selfishness and self-sufficiency”€. And the Father “€œhas great tenderness, great love for the small ones, for the weak, for those rejected from society. The greater our need, the more his gaze upon us is filled with mercy”€. Hence the invitation to always accept Gods grace. “€œHe feels compassion and pity towards us because He knows our weaknesses. He knows our sins”€, the Pope said, and “€œhe always forgives us!”€.


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