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Venezuela: “€œRussia Can Contribute To The Negotiations”€

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Venezuela: “€œRussia Can Contribute To The Negotiations”€

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, said that Russia “€œcan help”€ Venezuela in this “€œdifficult moment.”€ “€œI think that Russia can contribute to the negotiations,”€ he said.

The Cardinal answered a question on Russia”€™s eventual contribution to the resolution of the crisis in that South American country, during a joint press conference in Moscow with the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Serguei Lavrov, on Tuesday, August 22, 2017.

“€œRussia has close relations with Venezuela,”€ stressed the Vatican”€™s “€œNumber 2.”€I think that Russia can contribute to the negotiations. It”€™s the only way that the Holy See sees to resolve the Venezuelan crisis.

“€œConsequently, it”€™s necessary to work with the opposing parties at the governmental level and to try together to find a common path to resolve the problems Venezuela is living at present.”€

The Russian Minister Serguei Lavrov added that “€œnumerous external actors can help to settle the Venezuelan crisis. We have actively supported the appropriate initiatives of the Holy See, which were presented in the framework of the UNASUR (Union of South American Nations “€“ ndlr) in order to promote national reconciliation in Venezuela.”€

“€œThe main thing, “€œcontinued the Russian Minister, “€œis that all outside forces call on the opposing parties in Venezuela to come to a national agreement, to develop commitments that will enable them to develop their country in all tranquillity, taking into account the interests of all the sectors of society and political forces. The outside players that stir the Opposition to harsh confrontation with the Authorities sap the efforts of those that are sincerely interested in restoring peace, tranquillity and stability in Venezuela.”€

Translation by Virginia Forrester


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