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Computer technicians would call it a “€œreset”€. This is what Cardinal Pietro Parolin said to Christians in Pordenone on Sunday, 28 August, during the Mass he celebrated in St Mark”€™s Co-cathedral. “€œPerhaps a certain worldly mentality has broken into our way of thinking”€, the Secretary of State said, adding that we might have “€œdifficulty in finding the right path”€ and perhaps have “€œlost the safe way”€, relying “€œwith misplaced generosity on countless experimentations,
spending a great deal of time and consuming a lot of energy and effort, without recognizing the best and easiest way”€.

The opportunity to start over, the right key to press “€œin order to redirect our whole being towards Jesus”€, comes to us through the Jubilee of Mercy. The Cardinal referred to the beautiful 16th century image of Mary the Mother of Mercy that is kept in the Co-Cathedral “€“ in which she spreads her mantle over her faithful “€“,
to remind those present that “€œif we become capable of charitable and
freely-given acts”€, if we become a “€œsign of mercy”€, recognizing “€œthe face of Jesus in the poor, the sick, the imprisoned and the suffering”€, then Jesus will enter into the story of each person and their “€œquality of life will become incomparably better”€.

Cardinal Parolin advised this as precisely “€œthe great secret of existence”€, for which, “€œif we really want to find peace and carry out our life”€, we must “€œplace our hopes and concerns in God”€ and make ourselves “€œimitators of his son Jesus”€.


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